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Welcome to the Electric Fence Repairs Germiston information and services page. Electric Fence Repairs. No power to your electric fence? Or is there power, but no ticking sound from the energizer? Does the alarm go off often when your driveway gate opens or closes? For whatever reason, your electric fence has stopped working. Electrical Fencing Germiston will repair your electric fence in no time. At Electric Fencing Repairs in Germiston. We provide Repairs to Electrical Fencing in Germiston. and other fencing. Including Equine Electric Fence, Poultry Netting, Electric Netting. and Predator Fencing. Garden Fence, Field Fence, Farm Fencing, Horse Fencing and Barbed Wire Fencing.

Electric Fence Repairs in Germiston

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Here at Electrical Fencing Repair Services Germiston, We provide Electric Fence Repairs in Germiston for all makes. models and brands of electrical fencing. From Wall-Top Electric Fence Repairs in Germiston to Stand-Alone Electric Fence Repairs in Germiston. Whatever is causing your fence to not work. We will find it. and offer the best, most cost-effective repair solution.

Electric Fence Repairs in Germiston

There are many reasons that could cause an electric fence to stop working. We’ve provided four of the most common reasons below. Please take note. You should never try to repair an electric fence yourself. Unless you’ve had experience working on electrical fencing Rather, give us a call. And let our expert technicians troubleshoot and repair your electric fence. Repairs to Electric Fencing include Repair or Replacement of Electric Fence Clamps Rods, Ground Rods, Wires, Insulators, Fence Posts, Fence Wires. and Energizer.

Common Electric Fence Problems


No Power To Fence

Some electric fences operate without the use of a battery. other electric fences powered by the battery. Battery-powered electric fences give more problems. rather than powered electric fencingBecause there are more components involved. This problem would cause the electric fence to be completely dead.


Sharp Snapping Sound

Vegetation and Obstacles: Is your electric fence making a sharp snapping sound at regular intervals? If it is, then your electric fence has a short. which is lowering the voltage of the electric fence and the electric charge. This is often caused by vegetation like tree branches left to grow on the fence.


Energizer Not Working

Energizer Not Working: The energiser of an electric fence is the heart and brains of your electric fence. It won’t last forever. And it will need to be replaced over time. It’s also one of the most common electric fence components that gets replaced. That’s why it’s important to choose a good energizer.


Fence Not Working

This Electric Fence Isn’t Grounded. – For an electrical fence to work, it must complete the circuit in order to deliver a shock.Poor grounding from not using the correct metal. Not spacing out far enough or deep enough. This problem can be caused by two or more devices that are not connected to each other.

FAQ Electric Fence Repair Germiston

What would cause an electric fence to stop working?

Two common problems of electric fences are dead batteries and broken wires. When either of these problems occurs, the safety of your fence is compromised. Battery problems are easy to discover. The battery indicator on your fence energizer will either flash or beep to alert you that it is time to change the batteries. Burying your fence’s wires is another issue. It is beyond the scope of a home owner to repair buried electric fence wire. The best thing to do is to call a professional electric fence company to repair the fence to ensure your safety.

How do you fix a broken electric fence wire?

If you have damaged or broken your electric fence wire, then you should contact an Electric Fence Rpair Germiston. This service comes with a 24-hour response time and a reputation for offering the best electric fence repairs.


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